I was struck by a car while directing traffic at night for work. My head shattered the windshield and I was thrown 30 feet and landed face down on the road. I was in the hospital for three weeks. I was discharged at 10:30 and in Dr. Nick's office 4 hours later. I complained of double vision , dizziness and loss of balance. Immediately after Dr. Nick treated me my vision was much clearer and my balancemuch better! I firmly believe Chiropractic is the answer to many ailements, whether minor or serious.

Lydia Hart, Alliance

I was in Alliance Hospital for what they thought was spinal menengitis and given a spinal tap. I spent a few days in the hospital with severe headaches that only were relieved by lying down. They eventually sent me home stating I had a headache. My neck was killing me so I called Dr. Simionides office for the first time. I thought I needed an adjustment due to my uncomfortable hospital stay. After a couple visits Dr. Simionides realized that spinal fluid was probably leaking from the spinal tap. He called the hospital to make all the arrangements to have a blood patch done. Nobody thought of this while I was in the hosptal. After having the blood patch I began feeling better that evening. Dr Simionides went above and beyond to care for me. The staff was warm and caring and willing to accomadate my immediate needs.


Christine Clayton, Alliance

I suffered from migraines and due to anxiety and stress started having neck pain. I would wake up with neck pain and headaches. The pain made me feel sluggish and sort of depressed. After a couple visits with Dr. Simionides I noticed my pain was going away and I was able to sleep good with no headaches. I now feel more energetic and can enjoy the everyday things I used to do pain free!!

Jennifer Coffield, Alliance

I've suffered from hay fever most of my life. This year is amazing! I have no symptoms thanks to the treatment I received at Dr. Simionides office. Painless, noninvasive and drug free! I am ecstatic to have found this treatment and recommend it to everyone.

Kathy Clinton, Alliance

I had severe back pain, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I was in constant pain and unable to do routine daily activities for over 2 1/2 years. I felt like the tin man unable to walk, bend or even sleep for more than 2-3 hours a night. Everyone at Carnation Chiropractic Center was so nice from my initial phone call. Dr. Simionides listened to my many complaints along with my initial history, exam and x-rays. He went over my results and started treatment. I had unbelievable results by the third visit! I was pain free and able to move without pain. The best part is not taking prescription pain pills which I was taking at maximum doses and still in pain. If you suffer from any of these conditions I strongly recommend you see Dr. Simionides as soon as possible.

Kathy Morrow, Alliance

My daughter had constant stomach and intestinal pain and always cried uncontrollably after eating for long periods of time. Lots of stress and not much sleep for mom and dad. Dr. Simionides treated Sophia for several food allergies and the results have been amazing! Sophia is now a great sleeper and such a content and happy baby. Mom is grateful to have a baby who isn't crying and in pain. Sophia is no longer affected by dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat or other things! Results have been immediate and continued to improve with each treatment. Worth every penny and every minute!

Heather Simpson, Alliance

I had constant achy to severe shoulder pain and weakness associated with playing college volleyball. Celebrex and ibuprofen were needed to allow me to play. I also experienced mid back, neck and low back pain. After treatment by Dr. Simionides my shoulder feels great with little to no pain in the back. The neuromuscular technique on the shoulder worked great. the staff is very friendly and outgoing. They always seem to remember whats going on and are interested in my well being.

Roni Schroeder, Alliance

I started having allergies the second year I lived in Ohio. The allergies got worse over the years. I had taken over the counter allergy medicines, prescription medication for a year and even shots! Nothing had worked until I came to Dr. Nick. This is the first spring that I feel normal.

Judy Thoma, Alliance

After having surgery for a herniated disc many years ago I exercised my lower back but refrained from lifting more than 35lbs. In spite of the exercises my lower back became more and more painful. I had difficulty rising from a sitting or lying position and also had pain when walking. After my first visit to Dr. Simionides I experienced great relief. I am now pain free and can move about without any problems. Excellent office and therapy environment with a knowledgeable staff.

Ramond Puhl, Alliance

I had trouble breathing for two years and was on Advair and Proair to keep my breathing under control. I was also using rescue inhalers three times a day. I was also extremely tired and had blood work, stess testing and an EKG performed. Everything came back normal. After allergy testing and treatment with Dr. Simionides I have been off all of my medications. My energy levels have come back and I feel better than I have felt in years! Everyone at the office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Nick is always willing to answer my questions. The office is always very clean and comfortable.

Marsha Anderson, Alliance

On October 4th I lifted an ice machine and sprained my neck and upper back. I had to continue working or my boss wouldn't be able to go to the U.S. National Horse Show. Three weeks later I was finally able to go to the Doctor. I was in so much pain it brought tears to my eyes. After several visits I was finally able to wake up with no headaches or back pain. Everyone at the office is so helpful and understanding of my situation. You feel comfortable and relaxed which helps in the process of healing.

Renee Rummel, Minerva

I had narrowing of the knees and was in four auto accidents in 2000. I had major knee pain and was unable to walk or run any distance. It was difficult to walk up or down steps and bend at the knees. I had low energy levels, low activity levels and feeling old at 37. After treatment with Dr. Simionides I can walk, squat and go up and down stairs with ease. I have increased energy levels and sleeping better at night. I am a new person and would recommend Dr. Simionides to everyone I know.


Chris Leasure, Alliance

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